Honey Quartet Chapter 8: Update

Oops! Looks like we made a little mistake and left in a note from the script in chapter 8. So here’s the new version. Please feel free to download it if you’d like! Sorry and thanks!

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B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 2

At last the second chapter of this fun new series is ready for you guys! Please enjoy the release and help us out with a donation if you can. Thanks!

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Honey Quartet Chapter 8

Here’s the final chapter of Honey Quartet. Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us tonight! Thanks for all your support!

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Virgins Empire Chapter 25

Enjoy the newest chapter of Virgins Empire! Please look forward to lots of new stuff coming up from us in the near future, we currently have a large numbers of chapters in Quality Check and almost ready for your eyes. :) Please help us out if you can and thanks to all of you who have already and made a lot of this possible!

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Honey Quartet Chapter 7

Hello all! Kawaii has been working really hard to migrate to a new team site. A place where our whole group can interact and work on projects in real time instead of waiting on emails from one another being passed from one person through me and then to another. Things are beginning to flow smoothly and I anticipate a handful of releases very soon. :) Please enjoy this release and help us out in any way you can! Thanks!

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Thanks from Kawaii!

Thanks to all who donated in the past couple months. I was able to secure the server for a nice period of time and place an Amazon order today for the next volumes of Moon, World and Stars, Virgins Empire and Miss Sunflower. I also ordered a couple new series we’ll be scanlating. True True and Ano Musume ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo. You may ask why we’re picking up new series while we have others that need completed. That’s very true but the simple fact is that several of our series are coming to an end in the near future and without preparing for their end we’ll have a period of time where we have to wait for scans or the physical copies to arrive and several of our team members will be without work. We need to keep the Kawaii machine rolling. :) Just as an update here’s a list of things winding down and how many chapters remain. Renai Manga (1), Game (1), Honey Quartet(2), Mugen no Minamo ni(2), Rui-Rui(4). Most of those mentioned are nearly complete and in the Quality Checking stage. So please look forward to more releases soon and new series as well and thank you again for all your support!


The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 9

Sorry for the long wait! Please enjoy chapter 9 and know that we’re currently working all of the final handful of chapters and have made progress with each of them. Please send us a donation if you can and thanks for always supporting Kawaii!

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Ayame 14 Chapter 1

So awhile back we promised to begin work on Amano-sensei’s newest serialization… we’ve been working on it for awhile now and chapter one is finally ready! I know you’re all still waiting on more The Feelings, and so are we! We’re hard at work on it as well. Many thanks to everyone involved in this new series. Our goal is, as always, to finish our older series first but we were so excited we couldn’t wait. :)

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Miss Sunflower Chapter 22

Time for the next chapter in your favorite super cute librarian slice-of-life story! :) Please enjoy the release and help us with a donation for the server bills if you can. :) We’re also in need of some active staff members. We’ve seen a dip again of late and could use some assistance. Short term or long.

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A Day in the Life…

Courtesy of hanabi: A Day in the Life of Sachiko. Hah! :D It’s so……..true! Enjoy and thanks for all your support everyone! :)

Ayame 4koma