Monday , 26 January 2015

Possible Downtime


Hello all and happy Friday to you! Our webhost is going to be doing a massive upgrade this weekend. At midnight 12:00 EDT on 1/10 we’ll be going dark. Please remember to check our scans on Dynasty Reader if you can’t take the separation. We’ve been promised 10-12 hours MAXIMUM although I suspect it will be less. So please don’t fear, we shall return stronger than before. ^_^ Read More »

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 4


Hello again all! Here’s our second release of the night and a hold over from the Holiday season! Please help support us with a donation if you can and thanks to everyone who helps keep the lights on! Download Read Online By: Yuriko Takagami Read More »

Virgins Empire Chapter 27


Hello and Happy Holidays! Please enjoy the release and a special thanks to our team for working so hard through the Holiday season to keep projects moving along. Download Read Online By:Torajirou Kishi Read More »

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 11


Here’s chapter 11 of the super cute slice of life series Ohana Holoholo. Please enjoy the release and look forward to us getting back on track after the holidays! In the meantime, if I don’t get to say it before Christmas, from everyone at Kawaii-Scans, have a happy holidays! Download Read Online By: Shino Torino Read More »

Ayame 14 Chapter 3


A second release for today! See, I told you we were actually still doing stuff and not lying around drinking eggnog for the past month. Please enjoy the release, it might be an Amano kind of day. Download Read Online By: Amano Shuninta Read More »

Kanamemo Chapter 35


Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for the lack of releases of late but I’m sure everyone can understand how busy of a time it can be during the holiday seasons. Thanks for sticking in there with us! I hope to get a few things out today if I can find enough time. This chapter is full of fan service! Haruka’s girlfriend, Kana’s jealousy of it and the Mika Kana kiss. :O Please enjoy the release and help us with a donation if you can. Thanks! Download Read Online By: Shouko Iwami   Read More »

B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 4


Chapter 4 of B.G.M.R.S.P. coming your way! Enjoy the release and thank the team for all their hard work! One more bonus chapter to go for Volume 1. We’ll be jumping into volume 2 as soon as we can! Please look out for more form us! Download Read Online By: Kawai Roh Read More »

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 3


Here’s chapter 3 of Moon, World and Stars! Sorry for the super long delay between chapters. We’re working hard to get Chapter 4 ready a bit quicker than the half a year layoff we had between the last two! Anyways please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future. Please help us out with a donation if possible to help us order some new series from Amazon.JP for you. If you’d like to suggest new series for us to work on and would like to support the scanlation of them please feel free to leave us a comment or drop me an email. sachiko (@t) sachiko (d0t) me Download Read Online By: Yuriko Takagami   Read More »

Mugen no Minamo ni Chapter 8 [end]


Here’s the final chapter of Mugen no Minamo ni! Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon! We’re all working very hard to keep things coming your way! Team Kawaii! Download Read Online By: Yuuki Takasaki   Read More »