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Ohana Holoholo Chapters 19-20

At long last a double release of Ohana that we promised! Only to protect your yuri feelings of course…don’t rage quit and give up after reading chapter 19! 🙂 Thanks to the team for their hard work on these two. Download Chapter 19 Read Online Buy Online By: Shino Torino Download Chapter 20 Read Online Buy Online By: Shino

Himawari-san Chapter 36

Hello and long time no see friends! I’ve been terribly busy with life unfortunately but in my absence the team has continued to hammer away and do their best! We should have some other releases shortly so please stay tuned and help us out if you can. We can use all kinds of support on

Himawari-san Chapter 35

Another chapter of Himawari-san is ready for your viewing pleasure. It marks the start of volume 5 so plese enjoy the beautiful color pages! Thanks all and please enjoy the release! 🙂   Download Read Online Buy Online By: Manami Sugano

Kawaii Scans Needs Your Help!

We’re in desperate need of active quality checkers and proofreaders. We have quite a number of projects currently tied up and need some assistance to move them along. If you feel like you have a pretty good eye for spotting mistakes and/or a pretty firm grasp of the English language please send me an email:

Himawari-san Chapter 34

Please enjoy the newest release of everyone’s favorite Librarian! I also wanted to touch on something I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on. The name change. When we originally started this series we released it as “Himawari-san” for the first 4 chapters. We then re-released them due to some discrepancies in chapter numbering as well

Updates 6/4/17

Hello all! I wanted to give everyone a little update on the status of all our current projects. The team has been working very hard lately to get stuff out quicker for your enjoyment. 🙂 Please come hang out with us on Discord and help us out through Patreon/PayPal if you can! We need all

Konohana Kitan Preface Chapter

  You know that feeling when you see an old friend after being away from them for years? Well that’s how we feel about Konohana Kitan! We released the final chapter of the first series Konohanatei Kitan back in 2012 before it went on hiatus. Five years later our adorable fox friends have returned. Please

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 18

  Next chapter of Ohana Holoholo is ready for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon! The next Ohana release will be a double chapter, so look forward to that! Support us if you can, if not just come hang out with us on Discord!  

Miss Sunflower Chapter 33

Hello all! Welcome to another release by the Kawaii team. One more chapter to go in this Volume! Please come visit us on Discord to hang out and support us through Patreon or PayPal if you like our releases. Help us keep the lights on! 🙂   Download Read Online By: Manami Sugano

Ayame 14 Chapter 8

No way another release?! Yup! So please enjoy the next chapter of Ayame 14 and look forward to continued frequent releases from us now. 🙂 Please support us through Patreon and come hang out with the team and other Kawaii fans on our Discord! Download Read Online By: Amano Shuninta