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Tandem Lover Chapter 4

See! I told you there might be more of the same coming your way! Please enjoy chapter 4 of Tandem Lover and look forward to more from us in the near future. Please donate to help with server costs if you can. Thanks! Download Read Online By: Tetsuro Kasahara

Tandem Lover Chapter 3

Here’s the third chapter of the sci-fi yuri series, Tandem Lover! Please enjoy it and look forward to more from us soon. Maybe even more of the same! 😉 Download Read Online By: Tetsuro Kasahara

The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 2

Sorry for the delay everyone! I’ve been getting beaten down by that little thing we like to refer to as “the real world” lately! Please enjoy chapter 2 of your new favorite series. 🙂 Also please use the PayPal button on the right and donate if you can. We would really appreciate your help. 🙂