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The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 3

Two releases in two days? Shocked? Well don’t be! We’ve been plugging along and doing as much as possible. This time of the year a lot of us are on vacations so things are going to be a bit slow. So without further adieu please enjoy the third chapter of our new hit series and

Virgins Empire Chapter 13

Ah, the start of volume 2 begins! You’re favorite group of bad school girls are back again! Please enjoy the release and look forward to another one in the very near future. Please use the paypal donate button and help us keep up with server costs if you can. Thanks~! Download Read Online By:Torajirou Kishi

Miss Sunflower Chapter 14

Here’s the next chapter of our super kawaii librarian and her little friends! Also welcome aboard the new translator for this series, Ryuunosuke! Who might I add has been hard at work translating up to chapter 17 already. 🙂 As well as doing some proofreading on our other series to help out! Also many thanks