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Poor Poor Lips Chapter 20

Time for Poor Poor Lips! We’re hard at work, had a great turnout for help and the staff is as strong as it’s been in a long time. 🙂 We can still use your help though! So either join the team, or use the PayPal button on the right to donate! Download Read Online By: Hayako Goto

Virgins Empire Chapter 14

Here’s our second release of the day and our second new editor! Please welcome Lauren to the team. 🙂 Enjoy the release and please donate to help support the site. Download Read Online By:Torajirou Kishi

Honey Quartet Chapter 5

After almost two years to the day… we’ll be releasing a new chapter of Honey Quartet. We’ll continue to release up to the end of this series. We’re aware that another group has released the final few chapters but we feel as though we owe the fans of the series the same quality of release

Help Wanted!!

Good day everyone! Our once large staff has slowly dwindled down over the past year and it’s time for a new hiring wave! 🙂 We here at Kawaii are in need of your help and would like to ramp up our strong but currently understaffed central core to generate more release. Here’s what we’re looking

Kanamemo Chapter 33

At long last a hot tub chapter of Kanamemo! You’ll never guess what happens. 😉 Iwami-sensei, you so funny! Enjoy the release and please help us by donating. Thanks~ Download Read Online By: Shouko Iwami