Monthly Archive:: October 2013

Renai Manga Chapter 4

Another big release for us! Thanks to Kuma for getting the translation to use, Kid for doing most of the cleaning, hanabi for finishing up some difficult redrawing and the proofreaders(Taco and QofLife) and QCers(HighlyFlammableMan and Rekai-Chan for working so fast to get this all finished up. 🙂 Please enjoy the release and donate through

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 6

A new day, a new release! Here’s the first full chapter from Ohana Holoholo volume 2! Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future! Please donate to help with server costs if you can! Download Read Online By: Shino Torino  

Virgins Empire Chapter 15

Another new chapter of Virgins Empire! Our team has been revamped and we’re working together better than ever. Thanks to all who applied and didn’t make it! Please donate with PayPal on the right to support the server costs. Download Read Online By:Torajirou Kishi