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Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 4

Hello again all! Here’s our second release of the night and a hold over from the Holiday season! Please help support us with a donation if you can and thanks to everyone who helps keep the lights on! Download Read Online By: Yuriko Takagami

Virgins Empire Chapter 27

Hello and Happy Holidays! Please enjoy the release and a special thanks to our team for working so hard through the Holiday season to keep projects moving along. 🙂 Download Read Online By:Torajirou Kishi

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 11

Here’s chapter 11 of the super cute slice of life series Ohana Holoholo. Please enjoy the release and look forward to us getting back on track after the holidays! In the meantime, if I don’t get to say it before Christmas, from everyone at Kawaii-Scans, have a happy holidays! Download Read Online By: Shino Torino

The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 11

Here’s the much anticipated chapter 11 of the popular series The Feelings We All Must Endure! Please enjoy the release and help us with a donation if you can! Download Read Online By: Amano Shuninta

Ayame 14 Chapter 3

A second release for today! See, I told you we were actually still doing stuff and not lying around drinking eggnog for the past month. 🙂 Please enjoy the release, it might be an Amano kind of day. 😉 Download Read Online By: Amano Shuninta

Kanamemo Chapter 35

Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for the lack of releases of late but I’m sure everyone can understand how busy of a time it can be during the holiday seasons. Thanks for sticking in there with us! I hope to get a few things out today if I can find enough time. This chapter is full of