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Twin Cake Chapter 7 [END] & Postscript

Here’s the final chapter of Twin Cake. Our second completed series by Aoi Hana. Also feel free to check out the post script. Not much there but a little enjoyment for the completeion. :) Please enjoy the release and look for more coming soon…soon like today. :)


Chapter 7 Download Read Online By: Aoi Hana

Postscript Download Read Online By: Aoi Hana


  1. thank you very much :)

  2. Thank you, again! :D
    I really liked this series, too bad it’s ending :(::

  3. Thanks a lot guys =D

  4. yo, thanks for teh chapter!

  5. Hey guys, missed you! Really glad you’re back and active! Seems like almost every group has died down considerably. Great timing. Keep up the great work

  6. Ahhh, too bad it’s over, but a great story while it lasted, thanks a lot!!

  7. OMG so many releases! and just in time for weekend!
    Thank you so much *^*!! I love this scan group.

  8. I’m sooo happy! But now it’s over… T____T

  9. That was glorious. Now the moping after realizing the fun manga had come to an end begins.

  10. The ending felt a little weird, for some reason. Either way, thank you so much for bringing us this series.

  11. The end definitely felt rushed and some things a little unresolved. Oh well, thanks for all the great work releasing this series!

  12. Lúthien Signum Eledhwen

    Where did Chpts 5 & 6 go? I never saw them uploaded before the site went down.

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