7 Comments on “Mugen no Minamo ni Chapter 3”

  1. Sol Falling

    Wow, been a while since a release of this series. It was pretty amazing though. Despite remembering that the earlier chapters were kind of messed up, I found most of the chapter incredibly adorable which just gave the conclusion even more of an impact.

    Thanks so much for scanlating this! And Rui-Rui as well.

    1. Sachiko

      It has! We had some issues with editors leaving along the way. :) Thanks for waiting and you’re very welcome! :)

  2. TeruMoko♥

    Whatthe?? I like the uniqueness of this series, but some parts just make me go – why?
    Thanks for the release!

  3. Tim F.

    I have the same problem it is chapter 4 that the link is linked to…. just started to really enjoy it :( if it can be fixed yay!!

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