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The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 1

Let me introduce you to the release of our newest series. :) I think most people are really going to like this one. We’ve made an effort to select a project that’s mature, yuri and fun. Also length played a factor. We’re hoping this receives several more volumes. I think we found the perfect combination of what we wanted to work on. You may remember the mangaka from Sweet Guilty Love Bites, which is one of our most popular series. :) Please send a donation our way to help with server costs if you can! :)

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  1. Mercis beaucoup pour ce nouveau projet !
    And thanks for your work ^^

  2. Not my cup of tea, but thanks for the hard work.

  3. Nice chapter. Thanks for the chapter^^

  4. New Amano, huh? Seems promising; the writing appears to have improved from the early works and while she’s still recycling her chara designs a bit it’s not as blatant as it was between “Sanctuary” and “Love Bites”. Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work!

    Oh, and may I suggest this as your new site BGM?

    • We love Amano here! I was very excited to begin work on this and it does seem to be quite an improvement in the writing in comparison to the past works. :)

  5. Thank you for pick this manga, I thought this was left untranslated.

  6. Thank you for picking this serie which seems really promising to me. I can hardly wait for the next chapter and to discover why you picked that title…

    • You’re welcome! The second chapter should be ready in the very near future it’s awaiting a final QC and it’ll be ready. :)

  7. what about chp 00 and the one shot?

  8. Yes, thank you. I’ve really gotten to like Amano sensei’s smutty but sweet style.

  9. I am a fan of Amano Shuninta work so I am pretty excited and the 1st chapter was pretty interesting start! Def. looking forward for more chapters!!! Thank you for all the hard work ^_^

  10. Ahh the character designs do look a lot better in this series. I love Amano, can’t wait for the next chapters! Thank you Kawaii~

  11. omg i can’t believe this series finally gets translated! I’ve been dying to read it for ages. Thank you so much Kawaii team and great work on producing another quality release. The title sounds great and I think it’s a much better reflection on the story compared to the literal translation. Out of curiosity, how many volumes are available to date?

    • There are 2 volumes out. Volume 2 came out just last month. It’s serialized in Yuri Hime, which is a bi-monthly magazine, so it’ll take a while before a 3rd volume comes out.

  12. thank you ^.^

  13. Great choice!
    I absolutely love Amano Shuinita so I’m already looking forward to see more of this.
    Thanks for the release :)

  14. Loved this chapter ! and the author too :) thanks for the release , i’m glad you’re starting this series

  15. Thank you!

  16. i like the story, hope more release soon. ammm loving it :)

  17. Thanks translating this chapter. I would have never known about this manga if not for the hard work!

  18. Awesome! Thanks ^.^

  19. im still waiting for the chapter 2… ^^
    thank you for this wonderful story.. ^^
    can you recommend other yuri manga while im still waiting for the chapter 2??
    i wanna be a part of this kawaii team…
    i hope i can help a little.. ^^

    oh…can anyone help me how to upload profile picture here??

  20. Thank excellent work

  21. I’m hooked!
    Can’t wait to see more!
    Thanks for working on this intriguing series!

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