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Good day everyone! Our once large staff has slowly dwindled down over the past year and it’s time for a new hiring wave! 🙂 We here at Kawaii are in need of your help and would like to ramp up our strong but currently understaffed central core to generate more release. Here’s what we’re looking for in no particular order…

Editors: If you have experience editing or even with Photoshop in general then you could be a tremendous asset to our team. If you have never edited but have experience with Photoshop then we’re willing to train you. I’ll personally teach you the secret art of editing. 😉

Quality Checkers: If you have experience quality checking or find yourself letting out a *sigh* when reading poorly edited manga then this is the job for you! You’ll be part of a current quality check team that works on a first come first serve basis. When a new edit is finished the entire QC team receives an email to alert them. By following a link in the email you’ll be directed to a signup area with links to the edit and the RAW. Two QC’s per edit and once you signup you have 72 hours to complete the QC.

Proofreaders: Native English speakers are preferred but we’ll give anyone a shot via test. You must be self motivated and willing to work at your own pace. You’ll be asked to keep an eye on our script database and when new scripts are uploaded to take the initiative and proofread them without being asked to.

Translators: A few of our series are in need of a translator. You’ll be given a list to pick from which series you’d like to work on once you join up and take the initial test. We also welcome new projects that YOU want to work on and have a few possible future projects in mind already.

Please contact me via email to apply. sachiko[at]


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