She, Her Camera and Her Seasons Chapter 6

We’ve got a few releases lined up at the moment, this will be followed by two chapters of Ohana Holoholo (QC), the extra chapter of Ayame 14 (Typesetting) and the vol.1 Extras of Moon, World and Stars. (QC)

There have been lots of hold-ups in the Quality-Check department as of late. We’ve always prioritised a high quality standard of scripts/edits and full anglicisation, but unfortunately that does cause some delays.

While we have scanned/cleaned chapters for the next few chapters of Miss-Sunflower, it has suffered every possible set-back in the book. We are trying to get new chapters of it out as soon as we can, and really appreciate your patience.

If anyone is interested in becoming a quality-checker, please e-mail at . Experience is not necessary to apply, but you must be fluent in English and a frequent e-mail checker.
Experienced Editors/Translators are always welcome to contact us.

We won’t be taking any donations for the indefinite future, but please support the artists by purchasing E-Books or Manga via the attached links, which we’ll try to add to every release.

Finally, this weekend our website will finally be updated to provide comprehensive links and information about our present and past projects.

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