Ohana Holoholo Chapter 15


Please enjoy the next chapter of Ohana Holoholo. I forgot to include a credits page on the original upload, Scans, Sachiko; Translation, Tethysdust; Edit, Hanabi; Proofread, Wolfene & Leanto and Quality Check, Stats & Mikau.

Now for some waffling (of the non-Belgian variety) for those who aren’t bored yet.

There have been a few questions about series length so if it helps give an idea of where we are on a couple of the them:
Ohana Holoholo – About halfway through book 3 of 6 (completed)
Ayame 14 – At the start of book 2 of 3
Miss Sunflower – About halfway through book 4 of 6 and 1 drama CD
Kanocame – Near the end of Book 2 of 5 (completed)
Otome Ouji – About 2/3 through book 1 of 1.
True True – 3/4 through book 1 of 1.

Why you should buy books: (sorry for bringing this up all of the time, but it’s something I feel very passionate about)
– Support the Authors and their publishers.
– Encourage an appreciation of the Western fan-base, creating a more positive relationship between us and the artists that doesn’t rely on occasional licensing.
– You get to arm yourself with spoilers and sound like a know-it-all on the dynasty reader. This will make everyone respect you and is very important.
– Get a nice looking collection of nice looking books.
Let’s all do the right thing and build a good, respectful relationship with the artists. They will notice!

On a related note, I recently saw some nasty comments left in English on Manami’s Pixiv. Whoever did this is probably reading Miss Sunflower on mangafox or something (please don’t do this, by the way), but in case you are reading it here, that’s really unacceptable, undermines our work to maintain a good standing with the artist and represents us all in a bad light. Someone critise a talented and hard-working artist about artistic decision in a book they probably didn’t pay a cent to read really doesn’t sit.

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