Miss Sunflower Chapter 30

Yeah, you heard right. It’s a new release of Miss Sunflower. But first of all, I’m really sorry for vanishing all of a sudden and that you have to wait for a new release, especially at such a cliffhanger. Starting February live just decided to show me how cruel it can be. Things are getting normal now and the releases should be coming again too.

Anyways, I know you want to read the new chapter and I won’t keep it any longer from you. So here you go!

Oh, before I forget, we decided to change Miss Sunflower’s name to Himawari-san from the next chapter onward. Using Miss Sunflower was decided by the first translator of this series and we kept it this way so far, but the group has changed greatly over the time, and we think that keeping the name more to the original fits better.

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