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Hello all! Just wanted to throw some information out there since it’s been quiet since I’ve returned. I finished editing a chapter of Ayame 14 today. One QC is complete(thanks to drpepperfan!) on it and we’re waiting for a second QC. Once it’s done we’ll release it ASAP. I’ve also pushed through about 50% of the next chapter of Ohana Holoholo tonight. I should be able to get it finished up tomorrow and into QC.

In an effort to make the site a little prettier and less intrusive I’ve decided to go away from using Ads to help pay for site maintenance. Instead we’re going to give Patreon a chance and see how it works out! I think this might be a little more fun for everyone who wants to help out by adding some cool little perks. There’s a pretty new button to your right, so please sign up and support us for some special rewards! 🙂 There’s also still a PayPal button if you’d rather continue to contribute that way. Thanks!

Also worth mentioning one new series we’re going to work on in the not too distant future. Well, I guess it’s not really new! Konohana Kitan, which is based on the Konohanatei Kitan series that went on hiatus a long time ago! So catch up on the old series on our reader if you’re not familiar with it yet. Think of it as us continuing an old series of ours!

I’ve also setup a Discord to try and remain trendy(since I’m not) with the help of Firelily and Tralfamatore. So if you’re interested in joining please use this invite link and stop in to visit!


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