Renai Manga Bonus Chapter

Here’s a really feel good bonus chapter that went along with the Renai Manga book. Please enjoy the release! Also please disable your adblockers on the kawaii domain or donate to help us if you can! ^_^

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She, Her Camera and Her Seasons Chapter 2

Here’s Chapter Two of Kano Came! Please enjoy the release. We have two more chapters being finalized at the moment. Hopefully they can make their way through QC sooner than later. 🙂 Please help us with a donation if you can spare it to help keep the lights on!

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Kanamemo Chapter 37

Sorry we haven’t been super active lately! Well, we actually have, but we’re having a little bottleneck issue with getting things through quality check, so hang on and keep your eyes open for more from us soon! I promise we’ve got some great releases almost ready to release! 🙂 Enjoy the awesome Kana goodness of this one in the meantime. 🙂

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True True Chapter 3: Freeze Warning

Here’s the second release from True True by the Kawaii team! Technically it’s the third chapter in the collection. The second chapter “gravity” was already scanlate dby Dynasty-Scans and you can find it here Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon!

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The Feelings We All Must Endure Extra & Postscript

Just as one new series begins the ending to our much loved(and much discussed!) series The Feelings! It’s been an emotional ride and a fantastic job by everyone who has worked on the series from beginning to end. I personally have enjoyed working on this series more than a lot of others that I’ve been through over the years. I fully expect the team to put as much love and effort into Ayame 14 as we did this one and other Amano series in the future! After Amano is a Kawaii kind of thing. ^_^ Please enjoy the release and help us with a donation if you can. Thanks!

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She, Her Camera and Her Seasons Chapter 1

Welcome to our newest series, Kano Came! Thanks to the new staff that has joined our team in recent months to help work on this! Enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon, please help out with a donation or an ad click if you can. Thanks!

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Kanamemo Chapter 36

Sorry for the long delay on this one! We had a bit of an issue with the scan quality and had to take some extra time to makes the necessary changes to make sure our fans got a decent release! That said, I would like to thank our groups co-founder Mai_no_ken for many years of translating Kanamemo from chapter 1 to chapter 35. 🙂 He’s been terribly busy lately so this will be the first chapter translated by another translator. Welcome Korewa to the team and hopefully we can make Mai proud with our future translations! Thanks everyone and please enjoy the release!

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True True Chapter 1: True True

Hello all! Tonight we have chapter one of a new series. True True is a collection by Momono Moto. Oddly enough, one of my very early edits when I first began working with Lililicious is a chapter from this series! Please feel free to check out the Dynasty Reader for three of the ten already scanlated. We’ll be translating all the others to complete the collection. 🙂

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Ohana Holoholo Vol. 2 Bonus+Afterword

Here’s a quick little bonus chapter to finish up volume two of Ohana Holoholo. It’s very flashbacky and fills in some blind spots we previously had. Enjoy the little short and please continue to support us! Thanks all! (and if you’re counting that’s number 3 tonight! :p)

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Virgins Empire Chapter 28

A second release on the night! It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. ^_^ (Sorry everyone!!!) Anyways! Please enjoy the release. One more chapter to go to complete volume 2. I debinded volume three and began scanning it tonight! As always, thanks for everyone’s continued support!

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