Mugen no Minamo ni Chapter 8 [end]

Here’s the final chapter of Mugen no Minamo ni! Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon! We’re all working very hard to keep things coming your way! Team Kawaii!

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Ohana Holoholo Chapter 10

Glad to get Ohana Holoholo moving again! We’ve been able to make great progress on the series in the past month or so after quite a long stall. Please enjoy the release and help us out with a donation if you can! It’ll be time for another tank shipment from Amazon,jp for scans soon. ^_^

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Game Chapter 3 [END]

Here’s the final part of the game series! Special thanks to our friends over at Divulge Scans who scanned the tank covers for us! Also you’ll notice in the contents there are 4 other stories. They’re not directly tied into the three part game series and will be done by Divulge. 🙂 Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us soon!

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A Kiss and a White Lily Chapter 2

Here’s chapter two of our new series! I saw quite a bit of positive feedback on it after the first chapter and it only gets better! Please enjoy the release and help us with a small donation if possible. Thanks!

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New Theme

So with the winter rapidly approaching in my little place in the world I’ve been inspired to get a new site design up. It Marimite inspired, obviously. I still have a handful of work to do with it but I wanted to get the site back up and functioning before I went off to bed. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see with the new design and I’ll try to accommodate. 🙂 Also if you’re part of a scanlation group and would like to be added to the list of yuri scanlators please let me know! I just added the ones off the top of my head. 🙂

The Feelings We All Must Endure Chapter 00 & Chapter 10

Big release tonight! Thanks to all the staff for their hard work on getting this series rolling again as we begin to power through the final volume. Chapter 00 also contains a little bonus chapter to conclude volume 2 and Chapter 10 begins Volume 3. So please enjoy the releases and help us with a donation if you can. Thanks all!

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Download Read Online By: Amano Shuninta

Miss Sunflower Chapter 25

Miss_sunflower_v3_ch25_143A new chapter of Miss Sunflower on a sunny Sunday afternoon! ^_^ Enjoy the release from us and look forward to more from us in the near future. We’re working as hard as we can! Also please help us out by checking out our advertisers or sending us a donation. Thanks!

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B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 3

bgmrsp_v01_ch03_001Here’s the third chapter of Bousou Girls-teki Mousou Renaiteki Suteki Project! Yes, that’s why we use the acronym…lol Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future. 🙂

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Update 10/25: If you grabbed this release before 10/25/14 then please feel free to redownload it as we’ve made a couple small changes. You likely won’t notice them, but we did! 🙂 Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

A Kiss and a White Lily Chapter 1

a_kiss_and_a_white_lily_v01_ch01_003Welcome to a new series I think you’re all really going to like! I know we do. ^_^ Please enjoy the release and help us out with a donation or by clicking on one of our ads. Thanks! Also a double release of The Feelings is coming soon! As is the end of Mugen and there’s also a chapter of Miss Sunflower and BGRMSP nearing completion so keep your eyes open for new releases from us!

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Ohana Holoholo Chapter 9

A second chapter of Ohana Holoholo in the past week! 🙂 Really glad to see this series moving along, it’s one of my personal favorites! There’s also another in waiting that we’re almost finished with so keep your eyes open! Please help us out with a donation or an ad click if you can’t donate! Thanks!

Update: Looks like I made a boo-boo on page 16, so please feel free to redownload the full zip file or the specific page here

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