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B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 5

I wouldn’t say we’re completely back on track yet, we’re still re-organizing, but we’re on the best way. We’re refilling the positions with people who are still active and like to continue too. Our biggest problem is the lack of a raw provider since Sachiko-sama provided us with those. Well, for now we still have

B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of B.G.M.R.S.P. coming your way! 🙂 Enjoy the release and thank the team for all their hard work! One more bonus chapter to go for Volume 1. We’ll be jumping into volume 2 as soon as we can! Please look out for more form us! Download Read Online By: Kawai Roh

B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 3

Here’s the third chapter of Bousou Girls-teki Mousou Renaiteki Suteki Project! Yes, that’s why we use the acronym…lol Please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future. 🙂 Download Read Online By: Kawai Roh   Update 10/25: If you grabbed this release before 10/25/14 then please feel free to redownload it as

B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 2

At last the second chapter of this fun new series is ready for you guys! Please enjoy the release and help us out with a donation if you can. Thanks! Download Read Online By: Kawai Roh

B.G.M.R.S.P. Chapter 1

We’re working on some new series and here’s chapter 1 of the first of them! Please look forward to some others  in the very near future. If you like the series please donate with the PayPal button to help with server costs! Enjoy! Download Read Online By: Kawai Roh