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Rui-Rui Chapter 14

This is the final chapter of Rui Rui! This was a very early series we picked up, but had become largely forgotten for a while. Also, while you can always leave a comment on this site, you can now contact us directly by e-mail at Chapter 13: Download Read Online By: MAX

Rui-Rui Chapter 13

Been a LONG time since we released a chapter of Rui-Rui. So sorry for the wait! We got hung up in QC for quite awhile. So, that said, please enjoy the release, only one chapter to go! Please help us by turning off your @d blockers and clicking something. 🙂 Chapter 13: Download Read Online By: MAX

Rui-Rui Chapter 11&12

It’s been awhile since we visited the ancient ruins! 🙂 Great work to the team to get two of these prepped and ready to go at once! Make sure you thank them. 🙂 Please enjoy the releases and look forward to some others from us in the very near future. Chapter 11: Download Read Online By: MAX Chapter

Rui-Rui Chapter 10

Here’s another release! I know it’s been awhile since we checked in with our fun loving ghost hunters but please enjoy the release and look forward to more form us in the near future! Also please shoot a donation our way. Thanks! Download Read Online By: MAX

Rui-Rui Chapter 9

Hi all! We’ve got a couple things for you today… We’ll start out with Rui-Rui chapter 9! It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on our favorite ghost hunters so let’s see how they’re doing! Also please donate to help with server costs by  clicking the PayPal donate button if you can! Download Read Online By: MAX