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Moon, World, and Stars Vol 1 Extras

It sure has been a while since a chapter of this series came out. This chapter has really been round the block, going through three different editors. It ended up being Mikau’s first typeset chapter, so then had a few rounds of QC to get through. Nevertheless, enjoy! Thanks to Gumi from Hikkikomori Honyaku for

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 4

Hello again all! Here’s our second release of the night and a hold over from the Holiday season! Please help support us with a donation if you can and thanks to everyone who helps keep the lights on! Download Read Online By: Yuriko Takagami

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 3

Here’s chapter 3 of Moon, World and Stars! Sorry for the super long delay between chapters. We’re working hard to get Chapter 4 ready a bit quicker than the half a year layoff we had between the last two! Anyways please enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future.

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 2

So most of the feedback for chapter 1 was positive with the exception of Strawberry Panic! haters! Lots of “I want more!” So if you’re not a fan of SP! I would stay away from this one but if not please enjoy it. I think it’ll be a fun one 😉 Please help us out

Moon, World, and Stars Chapter 1

Happy new series day! Or something like that. O_o Please enjoy the release and thanks to everyone who worked on this, it was a long chapter. 🙂 Help us out with a donation if you can! New scanner is much needed. The existing one is on its last leg. 🙁 Download Read Online By: Yuriko Takagami