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Kawaii Scans Needs Your Help!

We’re in desperate need of active quality checkers and proofreaders. We have quite a number of projects currently tied up and need some assistance to move them along. If you feel like you have a pretty good eye for spotting mistakes and/or a pretty firm grasp of the English language please send me an email:

Updates 6/4/17

Hello all! I wanted to give everyone a little update on the status of all our current projects. The team has been working very hard lately to get stuff out quicker for your enjoyment. 🙂 Please come hang out with us on Discord and help us out through Patreon/PayPal if you can! We need all

Updates / Patreon / Discord

Hello all! Just wanted to throw some information out there since it’s been quiet since I’ve returned. I finished editing a chapter of Ayame 14 today. One QC is complete(thanks to drpepperfan!) on it and we’re waiting for a second QC. Once it’s done we’ll release it ASAP. I’ve also pushed through about 50% of

Possible Downtime

Hello all and happy Friday to you! 🙂 Our webhost is going to be doing a massive upgrade this weekend. At midnight 12:00 EDT on 1/10 we’ll be going dark. Please remember to check our scans on Dynasty Reader if you can’t take the separation. 🙂 We’ve been promised 10-12 hours MAXIMUM although I suspect

New Theme

So with the winter rapidly approaching in my little place in the world I’ve been inspired to get a new site design up. It Marimite inspired, obviously. I still have a handful of work to do with it but I wanted to get the site back up and functioning before I went off to bed. Please

We’re baaack!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new home of Kawaii Scans. 🙂 You’ll still be able to access the site via our old address for however long you need to. That said please feel free to update your links to 🙂 Thanks for holding on while we were down and I’d like to

Project Status Update

Honey Quartet:  Translating. Just a Little: Yuri Project has already translated chapters 2 and 3. We’re dropping this series. Mugen no Minamo ni: Waiting raws to be delivered. Tandem Lover: Queued to Edit. Ohana Holoholo: Quality Check. Miss Sunflower: Waiting raws to be delivered. Renai Manga: Proofreading. Rui-Rui: Quality Check. Otome Ouji: Translating. Kanamemo: Quality Check. Twin Cake: Quality Check. Virgin’s Empire: Editing.