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Game Chapter 3 [END]

Here’s the final part of the game series! Special thanks to our friends over at Divulge Scans who scanned the tank covers for us! Also you’ll notice in the contents there are 4 other stories. They’re not directly tied into the three part game series and will be done by Divulge. 🙂 Please enjoy the release

Game Chapter 2

Here’s part two of the series Game from Yuri-Hime! It definitely heats up! Also a special thanks to everyone who has contributed donations, big or small, in the past few weeks. It allowed me to purchase a new scanner in order to keep things coming your way now that my old one has gone up

Game Chapter 1

Hey look, another new series! 🙂 Please enjoy the release and looks forward to more from us soon! We’ve got one more new one in the works and potentially more down the road if we continue to grow as a team. Some good news as well, half of my large yuri shipment from Amazon.jp will